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Full Version: Recording to ext drive ?
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I just got two "REOLINK" surveillance cameras...Planing to go up to 8 after I get used to them... One of the main things I am trying to figure out if I want to set up the "system" to go thru my Synology NAS, (or) get their NVR and set up another thing to manage on my network.

I did get Surveillance Station set up on my DS218+, and the cameras connected and working... the only thing is that I want my NAS to be mainly a "safety net" for backup/versioning of all my stuff.  (PC's, Cell phones, tablets, etc.)  So, I don't want to add the "ware and tare" of surveillance to the drives in the DS... I added a eSATA drive and created a directory on it for recording the camera files... /volumeSATA/satashare/surveillance  The issue I have is I can 't find a way to select that as the destination directory for the recordings directly.

Is there a way to directly store the camera recordings to the external drive?    Huh 

Thank you,
Don't think that's supported by Synology.