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  Problem Wordpress and PHP (need upgrade)
Posted by: omicron - 10-10-2019, 09:09 PM - Forum: Wordpress - No Replies

I have Worpress installed in Synology. And I have installed PHP versions 5.6, 7.0 and 7.2.

Wordpress works with PHP 5.6 only, but I need to work with PHP 7.x, how can I do that in Synology? 
Some migrate or upgrade ?

Thank You

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  synology rt1900ac (northstarplus) and rt2600ac (ipq806x) packages SRM 1.2
Posted by: divx118 - 23-08-2019, 09:14 PM - Forum: Router - No Replies

I build some for me some useful packages for the rt1900ac and rt2600ac

Just for someone who is interested:

Packages are build with a forked synocomunity spkrc git. Source is

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  Error 502
Posted by: alansh - 22-08-2019, 10:35 AM - Forum: Web Station - Replies (2)

I'm getting error 502 any time I try and access a URL using a browser on my local web site. This is not going over the internet.

If I connect to the same area using file manager and double click on the index.html file, it all works OK.

Anyone know what is going on?


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  DSM 6.2.2 - 24922 Update 2
Posted by: bamboo - 07-07-2019, 01:22 PM - Forum: DSM Current and Beta discussions - Replies (2)

Glad I waited for update 2. The the 'official' forum had lots of issues with update 1.
Manually updated DS213+; DS216+ and DS916+ ... all OK so far.
Synology needs to separate 'Linux' fixes and their software updates!

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  DSM notifications to CMS does not work
Posted by: imcon - 01-06-2019, 07:34 AM - Forum: Disk Management - Replies (1)

We have 3 DSM servers connected to CMS and I can controll them via CMS. What does not works is the notifications. All 3 servers have all notifications to CMS switched to ON, I can see some notifications in the bar of each DSM but there is not a single notification in the CMS Control panel.

Any Idea how to debug it or how to check the settings?

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  C# File Watcher not raising events accurately on DSM 6.2 in subfolders
Posted by: Klickjan - 31-05-2019, 10:06 AM - Forum: All Other Third Party packages - Replies (1)


I am unsure whether this is the correct thread, but feels like my request fits here the most.

I am writing a C# service to monitor a Synology DSM 6.2 NAS and I am using c# file system watcher to monitor for file changes.
The disk is quite large so I scan it whole on startup (takes about 12-14 minutes), keep track of certain files and watch for changes on all files and check on changes whether the change interests us, notify worker thread to process this file.

Despite FileWatcher (let's call it FW) raising accurately events on change in the files content in the whole file tree (gets raised 3 times but doesn't matter) and OnCreated (only if created in file explorer), but some other events (for files not located in the FW root folder) do not get registered, mainly copying and renaming files.

Lets say the root folder of FW is in the folder foo/, then copying files into foo/ gets registered and event is raised as expected, renaming the same.
But if we have a folder bar/ inside foo/, then copying files into foo/bar/, and any other subfolder of foo, doesn't get noticed. So if I copy file a.txt to foo/bar/a.txt, the FW doesn't register and my application doesn't know. However, changing the file foo/bar/a.txt and saving it raises the OnChanged event and I can process the file.
If I open foo/bar/ in file explorer, I create new file, the events gets raised for oncreate with the default name, when setting the name, the event for rename doesn't get raised. Editing the file content raises OnChanged.

Right now the workaround is rescan the whole disk in intervals, but I'd like to avoid that. Has someone encountered similiar problem or has any advice that could help?

Here is a code snippet (I created the class by hand in gitlab, it's essentialy copy paste of my code with everything that doesn't involve file watcher removed)

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  Multiple synology servers on same network - external access
Posted by: TCR - 22-05-2019, 01:32 PM - Forum: Installation and configuration - Replies (9)


We're a small office with no IT support and have a Draytek 2860ac router to supply our wired and wireless internet. We have a synology server which we have port forwarded and can be accessed off-site via SFTP, along with via synology's quickconnect service.

We've just bought an extra synology device (server 2) which we'd also like access offsite, and to be used as a backup destination for a third synology server (server 3) (off site, backing up via the synology shared folder sync over port 2223) but we keep getting a failed connection. I've set up the port forwarding on the router so that port 2223 goes to the fixed IP of server 2, but without any luck. Additionally, testing off site and using the no-ip web address we have on this new synology server takes me to the router login page ( rather than the synology -

I've set up port forwarding for server 1, with ports 5000,873,5001,5005,5006,20,21,21,80 all being directed to server 1. Have I caused issues doing this? Is there anything I need to do from the synology itself?

I expect I've not set up the router port forwarding correctly or missed something, but can anyone help me port forward multiple synology devices please?

Thanks very much


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  DSM 6.2.2
Posted by: bamboo - 01-05-2019, 04:27 PM - Forum: DSM Current and Beta discussions - Replies (7)

Has anyone seen this update via standard notification? I guess when they say 'staggered thru april/may' my DS916+; DS216+ and DS213+ are at the bottom of the list. Wish this site was more active.

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  Looking for advise on M2 SSD
Posted by: tdisalvo - 16-04-2019, 02:04 PM - Forum: NAS hardware - Replies (2)

I am looking at building a new system.  I am torn between the cost effectiveness of the

DS 918+ or the expandablity of the DS1819+ either way I will want to add the M2 SSD for caching.  I have read that about 512 is good enough for most.  I will be running this as media storage and may also run some VMs as well. 

What are the best M2 SSD and how can you pick them based off of spec.  The last time I was shopping for SSDs this was brand new and I just avoided it.  Any help on peoples existing builds which they liked is greatly appreciated.

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  Vpnserver - OpenVPN Encryptions & Authentication
Posted by: gerardv514 - 03-04-2019, 10:35 AM - Forum: Remote access and network management - Replies (3)

I have setup a vpn server on a synology nas, so that computers and phones can vpn to it. What are the best options for the various encryption and authentication options that appear in vpn server of the synology nas.

Currently, we are using aes-256-CBC and SHA512. I have read in a few places aes-256-CBC is being deprecated, therefore I’d like to look into something else.

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