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Looking for advise on M2 SSD
I am looking at building a new system.  I am torn between the cost effectiveness of the

DS 918+ or the expandablity of the DS1819+ either way I will want to add the M2 SSD for caching.  I have read that about 512 is good enough for most.  I will be running this as media storage and may also run some VMs as well. 

What are the best M2 SSD and how can you pick them based off of spec.  The last time I was shopping for SSDs this was brand new and I just avoided it.  Any help on peoples existing builds which they liked is greatly appreciated.
I've got a 918+ with 8Gb of memory and to be honest, I've never noticed it needing extra caching.

Most M2's are good. If you are worried about brands, I've used Samsung in the past and they were fine.

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Have the same NAS with 2x256GB 970 nvmes.

There is a bump in performance but only in specific situations. Working with smaller files, database platforms etc...

Watching media files and moving large files you will not get that much of a difference in speed.

VMs are more snappy as well and you will not get that much Disk problems and wait time. Still if VMs are your main thing, then you would be better off running vms from a a few SSDs in your main bays.

Maybe we will get nvme slots as regular storage in the next dsm 7 iteration, who knows, fingers xxxx
Synology DS918+ (4x4TB WD RED - RAID 5 with 2x250GB 970EVO NVMe) | Synology DS412+ (4x3TB WD RED - RAID 5) | RT1900AC

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