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Multiple synology servers on same network - external access

We're a small office with no IT support and have a Draytek 2860ac router to supply our wired and wireless internet. We have a synology server which we have port forwarded and can be accessed off-site via SFTP, along with via synology's quickconnect service.

We've just bought an extra synology device (server 2) which we'd also like access offsite, and to be used as a backup destination for a third synology server (server 3) (off site, backing up via the synology shared folder sync over port 2223) but we keep getting a failed connection. I've set up the port forwarding on the router so that port 2223 goes to the fixed IP of server 2, but without any luck. Additionally, testing off site and using the no-ip web address we have on this new synology server takes me to the router login page ( rather than the synology -

I've set up port forwarding for server 1, with ports 5000,873,5001,5005,5006,20,21,21,80 all being directed to server 1. Have I caused issues doing this? Is there anything I need to do from the synology itself?

I expect I've not set up the router port forwarding correctly or missed something, but can anyone help me port forward multiple synology devices please?

Thanks very much


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Multiple synology servers on same network - external access - by TCR - 22-05-2019, 01:32 PM

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