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DNS Server - Internal use
I am looking to move the DHCP service from a Verizon Fios router to DSM. Reason is after power outages the DHCP settings and range within the Fios router then to get lost, and then wreaks havoc on the network. 

Solution: Use DSM's DHCP server. 
Problem: internal DNS of hostnames

When a DHCP client registers on the Fios router it is placed into the routers DNS. Additionally I have several static IP devices, where I also set a DNS name in the FIOS router to point to its IP address (since these are static they don't show up in the router's DHCP list).

Synology's DHCP is pretty easy to figure out and I've switched off the DHCP from Fios Router and turned on Synology's DHCP late last night. 

I cannot for the life of me figure out the DNS server/package. The router it was simple just add a local hostname and its IP address and name resolution on the local network worked. We don't have a domain (yet I'm looking to get there eventually), these are workgroup computers in a LAN. 

Is there any simple not too technical setup guide on DNS with diskstation? I am technically savy but I have never done a DNS server or service to the point where there are A records and CName's etc. I just need local lan name resolution for now.

Thanks guys!

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