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What is wrong or "special" with Apache and DSM 6 ?
Sorry I didn't find a proper topic so I post it here

Hello, I'm having a problem with a web based application that allows for plugins to be added to bring more features.
When running it on MAMP in my MACs it's fine.
When running on NAS DS112 or DS 118 (DSM at the last update), the base application works but the plugins don't.
These plugins are in the shape of .tar.gz files, but can also be decompressed and they don't work in either situation.
I believe that this is probably linked to access to Apache ??? because with a former release of the web application plugins work, when with the new one we get an error 404 when trying to access the plugin. But all the basic application works.
And discussing it with the app developer, who has no Synology experience or practice, points it tout to Apache
Anyone with an idea ? Thanks

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