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1.2 update and Threat Prevention
Throwing caution to the winds, I updated my 2600ac router to version 1.2 update 4. Fortunately I only have one user besides myself that would complain if things went south.

Im pretty pleased with the update (knock on wood). My single user and I have no complaints. I does seem a little snappier than before.

I enjoy configuring the Safe Access application, what my one user doesnt know wont hurt her.. hehe. (I know.. Im terrible!) I do have a question about the new version of the Threat Prevention package. Before, when I was on the previous version, I would get so many alerts and drop notifications that it nearly drove me mad. I had to shut down the drop and just use alert, even then.. crazy. Now, with the new version of Threat Prevention, its like an echo chamber. I havent seen one notification. it just seems odd. Anyone else have this curious behavior?
Interested to try it myself as well (on 1900 model). Still haven't got the time to mess around with it tho.

Do post back how your experience is coming along with it.
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Thanks Rusty..

Ok, so I actually did get some drop notifications from the Threat Prevention app on my 2600AC, some network trojan drops, so at least I know that it is working. Safe Access is also working too with repeated blocks for security reasons (under the Malicious category). I also have a custom web filter that blocks all offensive web traffic. Of course Im going to have to hitch my pants up and get down to verifying the sites to see what is or is not a false positive... and modify the block list. FUN. Big Grin

No complaints about speed or from not being able to surf the web effectively.

I do have an issue however with a third party VPN (ProtonVPN) that disconnects while using it in house... not sure about that one. I probably misconfigured something.

More research required I think.
1.2.4? A Beta I presume? I am still on 1.2.1 as the latest available?
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