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Active Backup installation issue
Hi there,

Today I installed Active Backup for Business, at home. I have a DS415+ and a private PC. I wish to create a backup of the PC on the NAS.

I installed the server package, which prompted me to install the client agent. When finished, I cannot complete because the client agent complains:

Could not create a task. The target does not exist. Contact admin for help ... admin, that's me.

On the server side (though DSM web interface) I cannot configure template settings, because I cannot specify a user or a group (="users"). The software complains: Please specify a valid user or group.

See additional error message in attachment.

Finally, I get an error message in Notifications: Active Backup for Business - the task cannot be created

Please help.


Follow-up. OK, so I tried to load the agent again, and I'm prompted three lines, 1) server address, 2) user name and 3) password. I know 2 and 3 are correct. What about the server address? I'm providing the IP-number ... should anything be added here, like a "path" to the backup directory? Just wondering.

Sorry about the noise here ... nothing to add to the client. I went into the server side and was able to find my user now, but now I see that BTRFS is required (probably for deduplication) ... my system uses EXT4.

Any other suitable options that one can recommend for backup of PC to NAS? Thanks.

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I use Cloudstation Drive. It backs up targetted directories as you use them.
Forum administrator
Agreed with alansh.
If it's just to backup a Windows PC, use Drive and sync your files to your NAS.
And I think Active Backup is more designed to backup a Windows server rather than a Windows client.
If you're backing up a Windows PC, use Windows' File History app. It is dirt simple. Cloudstation Drive and Synology Drive are sync tools, not backup tools.
Or use Veeam endpoint free for windows. It backs up the whole system and can restore to bare metal. It's saved a few systems for me.

You can point it to a password protected folder on the network and it just runs in the background on your schedule and rotation settings.

Using:  DS213, 2x DS215+, DS1515+, DS216j

Thank you all for inputs. I've ended up doing the backup with Windows File History. I was inspired by:
The instructions are not perfect, but good enough.
Best regards,

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