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How to analyze storage ussage on Synology with BTRFS?
I'll ask an old question: How to analyze storage ussage on Synology?

The easy answer from someone not very experienced can be - use the Storage Analyzer.
If you ever tried to used it on a system with btrfs and advanced data deduplication, you know that it in not really usefull. For example my NAS has on Volume2 capacity of 7TB but at  Storage Analyzer you see that size of some folders is bigger then 60TB (and it is really true if you simply count sizes of the files stored).

Honestly - I really do not know how to judge what files are "eating" the space on my HDDs.

How do you analyze the storage?
Well, on Windows file servers I use 'TreeSize' to get a good overview where large files may hide. It's able to recognize Data Deduplication. Maybe have a try with that?
Well I use WinDirStat on Windows (rewritten from Linux) which is a great tool.
Concerning the Synology tools I got this answer from the support (soI wonder how experienced system administarators controll the storage ussage in business/corporate environment):

Good day,

thank you for your inquiry, I am glad to help you.

Unfortunately there is no other way implemented currently to show the usage of the BTRFS-Snpashots or BTRFS-Metadata.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet integrated into our DSM.
I will forward your request, as a feature request to our developers.

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