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Hi from Birmingham UK! So glad i found this
Big Grin 
Well it could have been predicted couldnt it - after a shit show of an official forum to replace a perfectly good existing one - someone has taken matters into their own hands and fixed it... hurray!!  

Only by chance i found this forum - i was trying to figure out where to post a question about adding a drive.  Then i noticed a link here and boom.  And case in point - there is a board on here which is a natural home for my question.

Anyway hope this new one gains some traction. Such a shame it's come to this (now we have three forum sites) but what do they expect.


Hi Paul,

Welcome. I hope you get the answers you want. Not too many of us here, so keep spreading the word.
Forum administrator
Welcome to the forum!
DS718+ upgraded to 6GB RAM w/ 2 WD 3T Reds, Mac environment, Apple TV, DS213 on the shelf.... 

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